Remote Sensing of the European Seas

    edited by

    Vittorio Barale 1 and Martin Gade 2

    1 Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Ispra, Italy
    2 Universität Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Barale and Gade (Preface)

    Part 1: Introduction

  1. Barale (The European Marginal and Enclosed Seas: an Overview, 6 pp.)
  2. Allan (Remote Sensing of the European Seas: a Historical Outlook, 6 pp.)
  3. Part 2: VIS & TIR passive/active RS

  4. Berthon et al. (Ocean Colour Remote Sensing of the Optically Complex European Seas, 12 pp.)
  5. Santoleri et al. (Observing the Mediterranean Sea from Space: Ocean Colour Algorithms and Chlorophyll Variability, 12 pp.)
  6. Kopolevich et al. (Case studies of optical remote sensing in the Barents Sea, Black Sea, and Caspian Sea, 12 pp.)
  7. Ruddick et al. (Optical Remote Sensing Applications in the North Sea, 12 pp.)
  8. Siegel and Gerth (Optical Remote Sensing Applications in the Enclosed Baltic Sea, 12 pp.)
  9. Lavender (The Seasonal and Longer Term Variations in the Phytoplankton of the North Eastern Atlantic Ocean: from the Irish Sea to the Bay of Biscay, 12 pp.)
  10. Ambar and Dias (Remote sensing of coastal upwelling in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean, 12 pp.)
  11. Brockmann and Stelzer (Application of Optical Remote Sensing in Intertidal Flats, 12 pp.)
  12. Donlon (The Next Generation of Multi-Sensor Merged Sea Surface Temperature Data sets for Europe, 12 pp.)
  13. Taupier-Letage and Millot (The role of the thermal infrared images in the revision of the surface circulation schema in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, 12 pp.)
  14. Dransfeld (Current Tracking in the Mediterranean Sea using Thermal Satellite Imagery, 12 pp.)
  15. Babichenko (Laser Remote Sensing: Technology and Applications, 12 pp.)
  16. Part 3: Microwave passive/active RS

  17. Skou (Microwave Passive Techniques: Radiometers and Radiometry in General, 12 pp.)
  18. Font and Camps (Microwave Aperture Synthesis Radiometry: Paving the Path for Sea Surface Salinity Measurement from Space, 12 pp.)
  19. Hoogeboom and Lidicky (Introduction to Microwave Active Techniques and Backscatter properties, 12 pp.)
  20. Stoffelen (Scatterometer Applications in the European Seas, 12 pp.)
  21. Woolf and Gommenginger (Applications of Radar Altimetry, 12 pp.)
  22. Alpers et al. (Observing Internal Waves Generated in the Straits of Gibraltar and Messina from Space, 12 pp.)
  23. Horstmann (High Resolution Wind Field Retrieval from Synthetic Aperture Radar, 12 pp.)
  24. Askne and Dierking (Sea Ice Assessment by Means of Synthetic Aperture Radar, 12 pp.)
  25. Romeiser and Runge (Current measurements in coastal waters and rivers by along-track InSAR, 12 pp.)
  26. Greidanus (Ship Detection by Satellite Imaging, 12 pp.)
  27. Solberg and Brekke (Oil Spill Detection in European Waters: Approaches, Algorithms and Guidelines for use, 12 pp.)
  28. Ferraro et al. (The Use of Satellite Imagery from Archives to Monitor Oil Spills in the Mediterranean Sea, 12 pp.)
  29. da Silva (SAR Observation of Rip Currents off the Portuguese Coast, 12 pp.)
  30. Ziemer (Wave and Current Observations by Ground Based X-Band RADAR, 12 pp.)
  31. Gurgel and Schlick (Fundamentals and Applications of Land-Based Radar Techniques for Monitoring the Coastal Zone, 12 pp.)
  1. Kern et al. (Sea Ice Parameters from Microwave Radiometry, 12 pp.)
  2. Tsimplis et al. (Can we Reconstruct the 20th Century Sea Level Variability in the Mediterranean Sea on the Basis of Recent Altimetric Measurements?, 12 pp.)
  3. Cipollini et al. (15 Years of Altimetry at Various Scales over the Mediterranean, 12 pp.)

    Part 4: Synoptic / Multisensor

  1. Gade and Barale (Satellite Remote Sensing of Coastal Discharge Plumes: a European Test Site, 12 pp.)
  2. Lavrova et al. (Multi-Sensor Observation of Meso-Scale Features in European Coastal Waters, 12 pp.)
  3. Sandven (Sea Ice Monitoring Using a Multisensor Approach, 12 pp.)
  1. Pozdnyakov et al. (Combined visible and infrared remote sensing of the White Sea biogeochemistry and hydrology, 12 pp.)

  2. Glossary

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