Remote Sensing of the Asian Seas

    edited by

    Vittorio Barale 1 and Martin Gade 2

    1 Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Ispra, Italy
    2 Universität Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Barale and Gade (Dedication & Preface, 6 pp.)

    Part 1: Introduction to Remote Sensing of the Asian Seas

  1. Barale (The Asian Marginal and Enclosed Seas: an Overview, 36 pp.)
  2. Mitnik and Gade (A Historical Overview of Remote Sensing of the Asian Seas, 20 pp.)
  3. Bai et al. (An Introduction to Optical Remote Sensing of the Asian Seas: Chinese dedicated satellites and data processing techniques, 20 pp.)
  4. Gade and Stoffelen (An Introduction to Microwave Remote Sensing of the Asian Seas, 20 pp.)
  5. Part 2: Arctic Ocean

  6. Kern and Willmes (Sea-ice parameters from satellite remote sensing, 16 pp.)
  7. Heim et al. (Ocean Colour Remote Sensing in the Laptev Sea, 16 pp.)
  8. Eriksen et al. (Ship Traffic in the Asian Arctic Seas, 18 pp.)
  9. Part 3: North Pacific Ocean and China Seas

  10. Mitnik and Dubina (The Sea of Okhotsk: Scientific Applications of Remote Sensing, 16 pp.)
  11. Ishizaka et al. (Phytoplankton and Primary Production in Japan Sea, 14 pp.)
  12. Ichikawa et al. (Complementary Remote Sensing Observations of the Tsushima Warm Current Patterns, 16 pp.)
  13. Ichikawa (Remote Sensing of the Kuroshio Current System, 16 pp.)
  14. Ryu and Lee (Remote Sensing of Korean Tidal Flat, 16 pp.)
  15. Choe and Kim (SAR remote sensing of intertidal flats in Korea, 14 pp.)
  16. Liou et al. (Remote Sensing for Improved Forecast of Typhoons, 16 pp.)
  17. Li and Ren (Mapping of sea surface wind and current fields in the China Seas from X-band spaceborne SAR, 16 pp.)
  18. Shao et al. (Remote Sensing of ocean surface waves, 18 pp.)
  19. He and Chen (Ocean color remote sensing of China Marginal Seas, 16 pp.)
  20. Feng and Cheng (Observing sea level properties from satellite altimetry in the China seas, 18 pp.)
  21. Part 4: Eastern Archipelagic Seas and Indian Ocean

  22. Gade et al. (Using SAR Data for an Assessment of the Indonesian Coastal Environment, 16 pp.)
  23. Siegel et al. (Remote sensing of coastal discharge of SE Sumatra (Indonesia) and transport in adjacent seas, 16 pp.)
  24. Setiawan et al. (The use of WorldView-2 imagery to estimate the mangrove density in Porong Estuary, 16 pp.)
  25. Alpers and Vlasenko (Remote sensing and modelling of internal waves in the Andaman Sea, 16 pp.)
  26. Sarangi (Observations of ocean surface chlorophyll and the corollary parameters in the southern peninsula Indian water using remote sensing datasets, 16 pp.)
  27. Stoffelen et al. (Scatterometer Winds, 18 pp.)
  28. Smitha A. et al. (Using remote sensing to study phytoplankton biomass and its influence on herbivore fishery in the South-Eastern Arabian Sea, 16 pp.)
  29. Ajith K. et al. (Upwelling in the Arabian Sea and the marginal seas off Gulf of Aden, 16 pp.)
  30. Polikarpov et al. (Remote sensing of phytoplankton variability in the Arabian/Persian Gulf, 16 pp.)
  31. Part 5: Inner Seas and Lakes

  32. Kostianoy et al. (Comprehensive satellite monitoring of Caspian Sea conditions, 16 pp.)
  33. Cretaux et al. (Present-day water balance of the Aral Sea seen from satellite, 18 pp.)
  34. Kouraev et al. (Ice cover and water dynamics in lakes Baikal and Hovsgol from satellite observations and field studies, 16 pp.)

  35. Reviewers and Contributors (8 pp.)
    Acronyms (8 pp.)
    Index (8 pp.)

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